Law Society Pro Bono Services is a registered Charity and Institution of a Public Character. All donations qualify for a 250% tax deduction.



Your gift allows Law Society Pro Bono Services to run a wide range of pro bono programmes offering lawyers a platform to be a voice for the voiceless, providing support and renewed hope for lives.

Funds raised for LPSBS help to drive our numerous initiatives for the benefit of the public and to enhance the scale and quality of pro bono services available for the needy including:

  1. Public legal information and education (law awareness) programmes which are crucial for ensuring that laws enacted to benefit citizens do not lose their effectiveness through public ignorance or lack of knowledge.

  2. A network of pro bono legal clinics serving thousands each year in the community.

  3. Legal representation for needy persons facing criminal charges through our Criminal Legal Aid Scheme (CLAS).

  4. Pro bono corporate legal advice and assistance for non-profit organizations for charities, non-profit organisations, social enterprises and voluntary welfare organisations by matching these organisations with volunteer law firms. The money saved on legal fees by these organisations for social good can then be channelled back in their programmes to assist the needy and disadvantaged in the community..

  5. The engagement and training of lawyers/law students to enhance their knowledge and practice of community law which are foundational for scaling up the capacity and capabilities of the legal profession to provide quality pro bono.

  6. First responder training - the equipping of non-legally trained persons (e.g. social workers, nurses, teachers, lay volunteers) who come into contact with vulnerable persons in need of legal assistance with the knowledge to provide effective referrals for such help. This is a key factor for the early legal intervention in situations involving vulnerable persons which have a legal remedy.

For information on past activities and financial records of Law Society Pro Bono Services, please refer to the Law Society’s Annual Reports here.

Your Gift Makes A Difference